Week 16c

Not sure on all this, either I have aced the assessment or failed miserably.  I have always struggled with word counts unless I dictate my responses.  This time around the word count was seemingly easy 😦   Will have to wait and see what happens……. Have still yet to come to  a decision regarding my […]

Week 16b

Having a break from the final assessment piece, with an unexpected visit from a good friend.  This visit really put some areas into perspective, we were chatting about my final assessment piece and I was explaining how Ict is beneficial to both teachers and student.  Strangely enough this verbal explanation did not work for her […]

Week 16a

So it begins the mad dash to complete the final assessment piece due this term!!  As Kraig states there is a light at the end of the tunnel..  I am with you on that one, this subject has taken so much extra time and also taken away from other studies and commitments, that I am really […]

Week 15e

After finally completing the lesson plans in the style required for the assessment not what was used on placement, I have had a chance to reflect and have a look at other’s blogs about placement, assignments and the extra special tasks of completing yet another semester of our various degrees.  One person got me thinking […]

Week 15d

Having finished the most part of the assessment for my Ict unit, I have had some time to reflect on the experiences whilst on placement again.  It is quite funny how after the initial relief has worn off that it is all done and you have passed = well you are waiting for the mark […]

Week 15c

It seems that the assessment for this course I am completing is going to be a bit more difficult to complete well!!  I understand it and all that but parts of the rubric and guidelines are just plain confusing.  Even to just work out how many blog posts I need to have written to complete […]

Week 15b

Reflecting on my placement again after reading some of my peer’s blogs, has made me discover some of the not so nice parts of being a student teacher.  As Sarah posted it seems the majority of us where completing this placement either during Naplan testing or report card time.  I came into my placement knowing that I […]